The Way Back Home

by rabbitfish

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My take on Shelly's poem, “Ozymandius”… or just the ramblings of a lost traveller.


The Way Back Home
(music and lyrics by rabbitfish)

I’m a statue in the desert
Searching heaven for a sign
On the outskirts of Las Vegas
Where the nights will always shine
And I met a fallen angel
Tipping whiskey from a flask
He said “Son, you keep your questions
“I’m not the one to ask.
“I’m searching everywhere
“For the way back home”

Well, you must be hard as granite
To get through this life unscarred
And I didn’t really plan it
But my heart grew just as hard
Now, like that drunken angel
I’m unconscious to the pain
But if you close your heart to sorrow
Then you can’t feel joy again

I’m searching everywhere
For the way back home

Now, there’s a thousand fallen angels
For every rising star
And you work so hard to get there
That you don’t know where you are

I’m a statue in the desert
Fighting daily with despair
Look on my works, ye mighty
They’re in need of some repair
Well, the angel’s off in Vegas
Bumming quarters for the slots
And I envy his oblivion
‘Cause I’m tired of my thoughts

I’m searching everywhere
For the way back home

See the sand blow through the desert
Bury me in history’s garden


released August 10, 2013