The Ring or the Razor (2013)

by rabbitfish

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This is a brand new recording of a song that I've recorded badly twice before. Unlike a lot of things I wrote 20 years ago that I have lately revisited, I only ended up needing to change one word.

It's a song about trying to live life, to love and find your place in your personal history, while the world around you becomes increasingly controlled, and out of control.


The Ring or the Razor
(music and lyrics by rabbitfish)

Would you take me home?
Would you keep me warm?
Would you dress me up in your father’s uniform
From the war with monkeys?
The old man gave his youth
So you could live your TV dreams
Protected from the truth

Too many turns on the merry-go-round
Years and years of fears and fears
Reaping the whirlwind and burning the ground
Reaching for the ring or the razor

Would you take my dreams?
Would you take my shoes?
Would you take it for granted if I sold my soul for you?
Me, I’m one of the monkeys
I’ve seen it all before
A lover gives you all he’s got
And all you want is more


We could change the world
We could ease the pain
But look, here come the soldiers
Down our tree-lined streets again
Hear the cheers of the monkeys
You taught me not to see
But safe in your arms, I still remember
The night they came for me



released April 19, 2013
Performed and recorded by rabbitfish at Turtle Muse