Space Age

by rabbitfish

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“Space Age” is a song that follows a path from the dreams of the 60s through to the realities of today. Or maybe a path from childhood to adulthood.


My daddy and me
Drove back from the country
To watch man land on the Moon
On the TV

I felt safe and warm
In the dark under his strong arm
While Armstrong made a giant leap
For mankind’s destiny

So we blew out all of the candles
Switched on all of the lights
And plunged headlong
Into the Space Age

Daddy walked like a king
On that momentous morning
When the Commies went down
In defeat

With our empire secure
We grew bored with the poor
As they scavenged in our shadows
For something to eat

So we cranked the music louder
We drank up all of the wine
And blind drunk, toasted
The Space Age

My daddy and me
We fought all too easily
He built me a rocket
But I misplaced the key

The Moon seems far away
At the start of the workday
And fuelled by my debt
I pull from the tower

The shuttles went down
So I drive into town
Just one ship in a million
At 15 clicks per hour

And the lights keep on burning
’Cause we kill for the oil
And no one mentions
Space Age


released January 26, 2013
words and music ©2013 by J. Marshall Freeman