Song to a Sailor (2014)

by rabbitfish

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Dedicated to queer people fighting discrimination in Uganda, in Nigeria, in Russia, anywhere they are not free to love whom they choose.

An updated version of a song I wrote many years ago. Funny how the singer's role in the song shifts with time.


Sailor of the seven stars
Sail me to my heart
Navigating by your battle scars
Every journey has its start

You left me breathless ’neath the blushing sky
When the day hung from a thread
Restless, testing me with luscious eye
Won’t you take me to your bed?

I have no subterfuge, I have no sin
No secrets that could cut you like a knife
We’ll reach your doorway and you’ll let me in
Risking death and risking life

Sailor of the seven stars
Sail me to my heart
Navigating by your battle scars
Though the journey’s one I’ve planned for years
It takes courage at the start

I kiss tattoos of one-way love affairs
Of beatings in the park
Come, let me soothe your terrors, ease your cares
Be your lighthouse in the dark

Every beauty is a tragic case
’Cause youth’s a coin we cannot hold
Still, you move me with your careless grace
Touch me, watch me spill my gold


You know I'd love you without asking why
But they taught me not to trust
A hypocrite, I'd live alone and die
But I’ve come to see the truth of lust

Let’s challenge hatred with a single look
The history of men is full of lies
Touch my body, we’ll rewrite the book
The night reverberates with cries



released July 3, 2014
Performed and produced by rabbitfish.