Bulletins from the Front

by rabbitfish

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“Bulletins from the Front” presents a series of stories we might hear as we casually listen to a news broadcast. Each verse relates a small, human tragedy. The song asks the question: is there a larger pattern behind these random tragedies? Are these stories, in fact, dispatches from the battlefields of an unnamed war? Are we the soldiers or the innocent bystanders?

I can't listen to or watch most news broadcasts. They skip from disaster to disaster without pause, and without giving us context. What is the meta-message of this format? I sometimes wonder if the news is presented this way just to keep us bathed in impotent stress about our fragile place in this threatening world.

At the end of the song, the narrator crosses the line and becomes part of the news. Is this the only action left to the consumers of tragedy?



Bulletins from the front
I’m reading dispatches
Clipping headlines
Sifting them for clues

There was a woman in love with a terrorist
With his eyes and lips
With his touch
One day he answered a call, said “I’m going out”
Was there any doubt?
She didn't ask too much

Bulletins from the front
I’m reading dispatches
Clipping headlines
Sifting them for clues
Bulletins from the front
Seeing what matches
Cryptic patterns
Hidden in the news

There was a man with a baby he found one day
That he stole away
From the park
He said an angel gave him the child to raise
Here in the final days
Before the world grows dark

Bulletins from the front…

There was a family obsessed with appearances
With adherences to custom
So they were stunned when the son died at his own hand
They didn’t understand
Why he couldn’t trust ’em

Bulletins from the front…

Trying to learn everything
So I can understand these blues
Bulletins from the front
Striking those matches
Lighting fires all across the news
Splashed across the news
One moment in the news


released October 19, 2012
Guitars, vocals, & programming by rabbitfish



all rights reserved